Shireen Taweel (b. 1990-) is a multimedia installation artist based in Sydney, whose work broaches issues of the construction of cultural heritage, knowledge and identity through language and the constantly shifting public space of the social, political and religious axiom. Her artistic practice draws from the personal experiences of being Lebanese Australian living between cultures, and how the physical spaces within her community reflect a complex cultural landscape of transformation expressed through hybridity and plurality. The project development of Shireen’s works are often site-specific, weaving local narratives and research with a focus on experimentation in material and sound through site.

Shireen's constant acquisition of traditional coppersmith artisan skills is a research vessel for community focused conceptual development, and through a progressive application of the collected artisan techniques and a manipulation of the traditional acts of making that leads to possibilities of cross-cultural discourse opening dialogues of shared histories and fluid community identities.

Shireen Taweel in her studio, 2018, Parramatta Artists Studios. Courtesy: Parramatta Artists Studios. Photo: Jacquie Manning

Shireen Taweel in her studio, 2018, Parramatta Artists Studios. Courtesy: Parramatta Artists Studios. Photo: Jacquie Manning

© Shireen Taweel 2018

tomorrow InshAllah (detail) pierced copper 2016  (image by Document Photography)

tomorrow InshAllah (detail) pierced copper 2016 (image by Document Photography)

شيرين الطويل (من مواليد ١٩٩٠) هي فنانة من سيدني. تتجذرممارستها في صناعة النحاس عبرالثقافات المحلية والعالمية في عملها من خلال عملية تصميمها للتراث الثقافي الخاص بها داخل الفنون الزخرفية الإسلامية في تطويرأشكال وتطبيق التقنيات وتشارك الأشغال في الحوار بين الثقافات والحضرات المشتركة

توضع أشكال بين والنحت والهندسة المعمارية، حيث تقنياتها لصنع اتخاذ الفن التقليدي من النحاس في سياق معاصر. إن الظروف الاجتماعية العابرة للحدود الوطنية هي المفتاح لممارسة الفنانة شيرين واستقصاءها من خلال عمليات التهجين والتحول, يشير التخريم النحاسي الهندسي إلى شيء متميز عن الممارسات الثقافية التي يتم إعادة صياغتها في الوقت نفسه في سياقات جديدة العابرة للحدود

Shireen Taweel graduated from a bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015 at the School For Creative Arts Hobart, and completed a Graduate Diploma of Fine Arts in Sculpture in 2016 at The National Art School, Sydney.

In 2017 Taweel was selected part of the Helix Kickstart development and mentorship program with The Next Wave Festival. Her recent solo shows include razing legacy at Haven For Artists in Beirut (2019), tracing transcendence at The Substation, which was presented part of the Next Wave Festival in Melbourne (2018), al jaale'ah: locally global at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (2017), fractured//fluid terrains at SEVENTH Gallery, Melbourne (2017), and translated roots at Verge Gallery (2017). Her works have been widely exhibited in notable institutions throughout Australia and recently Lebanon. Taweel is also part of 'eleven', a collective of contemporary Muslim Australian artists, curators and writers where in 2018 she exhibited part of Khalas at UNSW Galleries, Sydney and Waqt al-tagheer: Time of change at ACE Open, Adelaide.

Last year Taweel received The Arts and Culture Medal from Multicultural NSW (2018) in recognition of the relationships she has fostered through her practice with secondary high school students across Western Sydney. Recently she was awarded the 2018 Parramatta Creative Fellowship Fund and The Freedman Foundation Traveling Scholarship to assist in further developing her studio practice. Her projects have received support as a recipient of The Australian Council For The Arts Grant in 2018 and 2017.