Presented at Haven For Artists, Beirut

Razing legacy is an invitation to feel out a sense of permanence in the city. Has the city authorized an axiom of present only, rendering heritage materially impermanent, renouncing heritage to a digitally archived past? Has cultural permanence succumbed to a fluid and ambitious cultural present, fleeting immediacy replacing the windows and walls of heritage with a search engine.

Suspended in the former Beirut heritage house are three hand pierced decorative copper works. There is a stillness here, purposefully composed into the work, a conscious removal of the cascading stream of noise experienced outside. Within the stillness the significance of the relationship between heritage and the contemporary is presented for unhindered contemplation. The intricately pierced motif in the copper mirrors the heritage floor of the space. Silence helps to evoke feelings and thoughts and influences which may arise when inhabiting public spaces that are alive with the energy transferred between the past and present, as an active materiality rather than buried recollections.